Spectator Information

Real-Time Athlete Updates

Your family and friends can track your progress on race day! Brewers Mini-Marathon athlete updates are real time messages that are sent to your Twitter account for easy social sharing or to mobile phones so those close to you can stay updated on your whereabouts while you’re on the race course. Receiving athlete updates is easy. Simply sign up here by clicking here!

The Brewers Mini-Marathon offers great opportunities for your friends and families to watch and cheer you on.  The most exciting places to see the race along the course are:

The Miller Valley

10K 2.5 mile mark  |  Mini-Marathon 9 mile mark

How to get there:

  • From Harley Museum – take I-94 West from National Avenue to Highway 175 North
  • From the Ballpark – take I-94 East from General Mitchell Blvd to Highway 175 North
  • Exit Highway 175 North at State Street/Vliet Street – proceed straight onto Martin Drive
  • Follow Martin Drive to Juneau then right on Highland Blvd.
  • Follow Highland Blvd then take first right to N. Miller Hall
  • Parking complex will be on the right
  • Walk south on N Miller Hall to State Street

Inside the Ballpark

10K 5.9 mile mark  |  Mini-Marathon 12.9 mile mark

  • Enter at the Home Plate Gates and watch from the Field Level Seating Bowl as runners circle the field
  • PLUS we’ll show runners on the scoreboard as they make their way around the warning track!
  • Dogs are allowed at the Post-Race Tailgate Party, but NOT inside the ballpark

Click here to see the Course Map.